Robbie Harte – Outside My Window

Robbie Harte is a New York-based Singer/songwriter, originally from Montreal, Canada.  In her first release of 2021, “Outside My Window“, she checks all the boxes as this country girl sings about some deep topics and personal reflection.  This song is an emotional journey that focuses on the tough topic of suicide.  The song was released on September 10th, Suicide Prevention Day.  In a recent interview with IPL Radio, Robbie told interviewers that she wrote this song ahead of Suicide Prevention Day to open up dialog and trying to put an end to the stigma of mental health and people that are struggling.  The song was written and inspired by a young life in her community that was cut short by their own hands.  She was a girl Robbie would see all the time in the neighborhood and community, always seeing her smile and wave as people went by.  Robbie had no idea the person had these demons and was struggling.  It was a shock when the event happened, and the sadness around a precious young life taken to soon was a devastating feeling.  Robbie’s message is an amazing one as she does open up a hard to talk about topic, but one that does need to be addressed.

Outside of a deep topic, the song is amazing as well.  “Outside My Window” starts with a simple acoustic guitar lick that moves into storyteller lyrics that set up the song.  As the lyrics move through the verses, you can hear a swooning slide guitar that really sets up a wonderful mood.  The slide almost adds to this feeling of sadness and crying.  The chorus hits home with these powerful words.

Can’t believe I never knew

The hell you were going through

I only saw you smile and wave as you drove by

Never saw your tear stained eyes

Or the life you tried so hard to hide

Fighting demons day and night inside your mind

I’ll always see you wave hello

Whenever I look outside my window

You can feel the heartache as this song moves on.  A great pace on the song, as the rhythm section holds down a nice 4/4 groove.  The chorus is set apart from the verses with a much bigger presence.  This song is well produced and fits so well in the Country / Americana genre.  This song has such a wonderful sound and a great message.  It truly is a great experience to listen through.

About the Artist

Robbie Harte is a New York-based singer/songwriter, originally from Montreal, Canada. Her unique style is described by fans as compelling, inspirational, and powerful.

As a young girl, Robbie always dreamed of being a professional singer. But that dream was put on hold fourteen years ago after a life-changing injury left her in chronic pain, resulting in the loss of her ability to sing. Ultimately however, it was music that helped her heal the most. She credits music for soothing her soul and giving her the strength and determination to push through, even during the most difficult times. It was music that gave Robbie a voice, which she is now determined to use to uplift and inspire.

Five years ago, Robbie was compelled to follow her dream to sing, no matter how difficult it may be. She was inspired and motivated by the desire to show her young daughter (who was diagnosed with Autism) that a disability should never stop her from chasing her dreams.

Her soulful voice and heartfelt original songs connect with listeners everywhere. Robbie has showcased her ability to write and tell a story with depth and emotion in her music, gaining airplay on radio stations around the world, and landing on a variety of charts. Harte’s music has not only charted many times in the number one spot, but it also won her two ISSA Awards, and multi Josie 2022 nominations. With all these accomplishments it is easy to understand how you can look at Robbie as an emerging success story.