Zack Fletcher – Compass Rose

In this third release of 2021, Ohio artist Zack Fletcher brings this wonderful sounding Americana song to life. His soulful and rich voice fills the air as this song takes you on a country journey. The production on this is spot on. A great studio mix between all instruments and vocals. The drums have a nice brush effect that gives the song a great pace as the acoustic guitar gives plenty of space for the vocals to carry the song. The electric guitar gives plenty of big chords to lead the song into mystical feel. I personally enjoy the bridge, as the song takes a quick break and feel from the versus and chorus. As the song breaks back into the versus, Zack gives a lot of room for the song to breathe as he slowly pieces the instruments back in the mix. As the song ends, you here a great acoustic picking pattern that leads you home.

About the Artist

Zack Fletcher is a prolific Ohio singer/songwriter/guitarist and bandleader of Moths in the Attic. The ghosts of his life experience inform his uniquely crafted songs through poetic lyricism, riveting guitar patterns, and ethereal melodies. Whether the solo instrumentals of Vignettes, or the vast soundscapes on the Moths in the Attic album, his music has been described as profound, beautiful, and haunting; a musical catharsis resulting in a powerful live performance and an intimate listening experience. His brand new collection, Ohio Reveries, will release over the latter half 2021 containing songs about home and the places it has taken him.

Fletcher has given hundreds of live performances regionally and abroad in Spain as a solo artist, or with his collective, Moths in the Attic. He has performed at renowned arts and music festivals, supporting and sharing the stage with variety of notable acts like Tyler Childers, The War and Treaty, Samantha Fish, and Helmet.

Listen to Fletcher’s complete recorded works in the playlist: The music of Zack Fletcher // Moths in the Attic.

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