Gabe Lee – Imogene

Imogene” is that country song that makes you feel like a blue collar worker heading home from a hard days work.  The song is filled with tons of vocal images of a small town called “Imogene”.  You get the feeling that this is the kind of town that has maybe one mill for work.  People work there for 8-10 hours a day.  Nothing happens here.  The story starts out as a traveler tried to make his mark on the world on the road.  He didn’t make it and found himself at this small town.  He didn’t like it at first, and now he can’t leave.

Gabe starts this 2020 song off with some fast picking on an acoustic guitar.  This song is a story teller song.  A very cool way to tell your story.  There is pretty much just verses in this song.  No traditional chorus, no bridge.  But the song takes you on a journey and you can feel what it feels like to be this traveler in his story.  You can imagine what it would be like to be “smack dab in the middle of ghost town USA”.  Gabe has painted a picture with his well crafted lyrics and it’s a picture you want to just sit and look at for hours. 

As the song comes to an end, a harmonica leads the song out as it plays over the fast pick work of the acoustic guitar.  As the song comes to an end, you feel like the character will just walk off in the distance, sunset at his back, dirt road leading to an old house on a hill in the south.  Golden retriever running to greet him as he walks home from a hard days work.  Rinse and repeat.

Great song to travel to.  Love it.

About the Artist

Equal parts classic songwriter and modern-day storyteller, Gabe Lee has built his own bridge between country, folk and rock over the course of three acclaimed albums. His upcoming release, The Hometown Kid, a record about arrivals and departures, homes and homecomings, and the lessons we carry with us, finds him distilling those sounds into something sharp and singular, examining his roots as a Nashville native along the way. Out 10.28.22.