Motenko – Better Way

Motenko’s newest release, “Better Way” just makes you smile the through the entire song.  You can hear the love of music while they play through this very retro-feeling style of music.  Very reminiscent of a rock from an earlier time.  This 4-piece band can bring some really fun grooves.

In the newest song “Better Way”, the song kicks off with a smooth organ riff.  I can almost feel the summer sun beating down on an old road in the south.  The trees lightly blowing in the wind as the drum kicks in with a slow groove.  This groove has a nice laid back feel, as the singer is way in the pocket with these lyrics.  A very cool way to deliver the goods. 

As the song grooves towards the chorus, the songs feel picks up, as the drummer gives more a shuffle feel and the bass player starts walking a little more.  The organ player has some really tasty grooves in the chorus well.  As the second chorus closes out, they bring in a fun and energetic bridge.  A bouncy beat that is hopping on all quarter notes.  The organ player is filling in the gaps with some fun texture as the vocalists are really laying down some powerful lyrics.  This is my favorite part of the song.  I had to go back and listen to this transition quite a few times.  This bridge goes right into another chorus as the song closes out.  A very fun song to listen to.

About the Artist

The saying goes you never forget your first love. For Micah Motenko—musically speaking—that would be Motown, a sound he swooned for at age 7. That music set an artistic ideal for Micah of well-crafted heartfelt songs, brimming with infectious hooks and smoldering grooves.

Today, that love legacy burns with his groove machine, Motenko. This four-piece band of ace musicians specialize in incendiary in-the-moment performances, telepathic musical interplay, and recordings that invoke the mojo of 70’s-era R&B, soul, funk, and New Orleans second line with the satiny touch of modern soul production.

Motenko’s debut is chock full of jams that are as booty shaking as they are heartwarming. The 5-tracks can be interpreted sequentially, as a narrative about the lifespan of a hypothetical relationship, from its inception to its death and the aftermath. “The songs in this EP are about love and loss. They were written as a way for me to process the death of close family and friends, all while riding the pleasures and pitfalls of romantic pursuit as a young man,” Micah shares.

As live music options become available, the groove machine is ready to be the soundtrack to the post-pandemic party.