Mal Fantome – Over

Over” is the new release from Québec City’s Indie Rock band Mal Fantome.  This song takes you on a journey right from the beginning.  I was hooked with Charles Imbeau’s Trumpet starting off the song with a haunting solo.  I was excited to see where the song was going to go, as I’ve heard other songs from Mal Fantome, and this didn’t feel like their typical style.  Then the drums come in huge with an upbeat rhythm at around the 30 second mark.  Ah, there it is. The howling sound of synth fills the air as a big wall of sounds hits you in the face.  The song breaks down for the verses as singer Charles Boivin brings in those good vibes with his lyrics “I can’t believe it’s happening, I can’t believe it’s true”…”I finally found my way to you”.

The catchy chorus grabs you as it ends off “It’s over, It’s over”.  That rocking beat keeps the drive of the song going as the horn gets a couple more solos towards the end.  A fun song all around and well worth listening to over and over again. 

About the artist

Mal Fantome is an indie alternative rock band from Quebec city, Canada. Their music is inspired by artists as varied as Interpol, David Bowie, Joy Division, Beck, Spoon, The Afghan Whigs, Burt Bacharach, Doves, New Order, David Sylvian, American Music Club and so many more. The group started in 2010 and recorded “Half Empty / Half Full” its first album (released in 2018) and has been releasing new singles and videos almost every month since the beginning of 2019. “Volcano”, their second album, was released on January 1st 2021. Every song on “Volcano” is supported by its own video, making the album both an audio and visual experience in Mal Fantome’s world. Visit Mal Fantome’s official site :