Fritz Hager – Hearts Align

American Idol’s Season 20 top 5 contestant Fritz Hager’s single “Hearts Align” has all the elements of a great emotional pop song.  This song was written by Francisco Martin and Drew Pearson  and produced by King Henry.   This song was released while the top 7 contestants were still on the show.  Fritz already had a large following, so the anticipated song seemed to take off really fast. 

The song starts with his a simple acoustic guitar and his soulful voice.  The verses get bigger as the bass drum and bass guitar bring in the beat on all quarter notes.  The music keeps getting bigger as the song moves along, keeping that soulful romantic feel.  Bigger drums, bigger guitars.  “Take me back to when our hearts aligned. Cause you owned my days and you haunt my nights”  What great lyrics.  You can hear the pain in his voice as he sells this song so well.  A romantic piece that is a great follow up to his EP released just before American Idol came out. 

I think “All My Friends” is well worth a check as well on his EP “Maybe I Think I Love You”. Fantastic writing and a great song overall.

About the artist

Fritz Hager is a singer/songwriter from Texas.  He is currently on tour.  If you want to catch a show, follow this link.