Rise Carmine – Razorblades

Toronto’s Rise Carmine’s latest single Razorblades is an awesome musical piece of work.  Released on February 24th of 2023, this song breaks into 2023 the right way, giving a fresh new sound a feel to rock.  This band has a unique vibe that has a mix of a throwback to the 70s rock and eerie psychedelic pop.  It’s a great mix that just seems to work. 

The song starts out with a really smooth poppy groove.  The bass riff guides you in as the drums give a cool groove with one staggered beat at the end of the run.  The verses keeps your head bobbing in a rocking motion with the groove and soulful lyrics.  The song breaks up the verses in the beginning as the lyrics “Promise you, we’ll come down” fill the air.  A spatial guitar tastefully throws out some riffs as the song starts building up.  Around the 1:45 minute mark, this huge wall of sound starts to build as the sounds start to blend together, then dissipate as the song leads back into the verses.  It’s foreshadowing of what is to come at the end, love it.  The bridge breaks the song down again as the lyrics “It’s not always going to be this way” fill the air over and over again.  The remnants of Liam’s voice fill the air as the next lyric crashes over the last like waves in an ocean.  This is such a cool and powerful effect.  Very well produced and created.  This wall of sound crashes on you for the next minute, until the song comes to rest.

This was such a refreshing song to listen to and a great band to discover.  I recommend checking these guys out and enjoying their newest single, Razorblades.

About the artist

Rise Carmine is swinging the doors wide open on the psych-rock scene in a new genreless world. With an unabashedly eclectic sound equally rooted in 70s hard rock and new-age psychedelia, the band (led by frontman and songwriter Liam Colbert) is keen on leaning into genres outside of the rock/alternative sphere.

Their electric live show has earned them recent support slots for The Mysterines, We Are Scientists and Kasador. Rise Carmine also made an appearance at NXNE 2022 and Unplugged North at the El Mocambo.

Singles from the debut EP, ‘No Coup for Anyone’ (2021) recorded with Grammy award winning producer Dave Schiffman (Weezer, PUP) have been released to critical acclaim, including input and praise from the legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Aerosmith). Intersect Magazine describes “the expressively laid -back vocal performance and psychedelic effects, (that) blend together flawlessly, drawing the listener with a hypnotic, dream like pull” in ‘Be the Only One’. While Tinnitist praises the “psychedelic guitars that stab and swirl and slash their way through the mix”. The debut single “Down” was described by Soundzine as a certifiable masterpiece. The tracks have been included on Exclaim Magazine’s all Canadian playlist ’The Eh! List’ and Indie Pop Rocks.

With their debut EP released in May, an EP of covers being released over the fall, and a full length LP arriving later this year with producer Dave Schiffman, Rise Carmine is expecting to make a splash in 2022.

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