Nora Anne – Undeniable

Czech singer/songwriter Nora Anne just released her new single Undeniable in hot fashion.  This dark pop rock music really has shades of Billie Eilish and Bella Poarch.  Very cool vibe!

The songs starts out with a slow dark bass pad and an old style haunting piano.  Nora comes in with some soulful speaking type of verses as she covers the topic that of how someone messed with her head and she was able to get out alive.  The chorus comes in with a kind of epic dark dance feeling, as the lyric “Undeniable” fills the air with different sentences after.  “How you got in my head”, “How you messed up my trust”, “How you showed me I’m more than you really thought”.  Really powerful lyrics, and the way she uses “Undeniable” is really effective.

This song should be on the soundtrack of Netflix Wednesday.  It would go in perfectly there.  If you like that dark Billie Eilish type songs, you will love this tune.

About the artist

Nora Anne. Czech singer/songwriter figuring out life. I started writing songs, because I knew I couldn’t talk openly about some topics or I was too afraid to open up my mouth. Now I can tell writing is the best therapy I could recommend to anyone. Singing and creating music is a big part of my life and I am looking forward to share my art with the world. Hopefully we can all learn how to communicate better and talk about our feelings without any fears.

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