The Deadnotes – Forever Outsiders

The German duo that makes up The Deadnotes bring home an anthem that bridges the gap for all outsiders and people that don’t feel like they belong, Forever Outsiders.  Released in February of 2023, the hook “Outsiders unite, we’re just hangin’ about, we are the coolest gang in town”, really gets stuck in your head.  What a great message, fun song and did I mention catchy?  This song has a real anthem feeling to it.  You feel like marching down the street with all your friends, this song on full blast, with a raised fist to the world.  The Deadnotes claim that they are between genres, “Too indie for pop, too pop for indie; too punk for pop and too pop for punk.”  They are correct.  Well said.

Forever Outsiders starts out with a big chorus run.  Big guitar, big drums, big bass.  The beginning gives you a taste of what’s to come.  The verses get calm, spatial and staccato.  The drummer gives one big fill and brings you into a pre-chorus.  Lead singer Darius searches the haunting theme, “Why am I such a disappointment”.  Wait for it.  Anthem chorus!  “Forever outsiders, Forever feeling out of place”.  Satisfying. 

Another verse, pre-chorus and big anthem chorus!  The Deadnotes break it up with a soft bridge, calling out all outsiders to unite.  Buildup.  Buildup.  Anthem Chorus!  Satisfying again.  Give it up to a quick killer guitar solo and a big ending. 

This is a really fun group of a couple great musicians. 

About the artist

Outsiders unite! With their new single ‘Forever Outsider’, German duo The Deadnotes are calling on all freaks, geeks, and loners to build a new community with them.

With their new misfit anthem, the pair manifest their bold new reimagined sound and show once again that now, more than ever, you can transcend the limitations and restrictions of genres and subculture scenes, and find your own niche to occupy.

Following on from lead single ‘Downward Spiral’, the track is the second single to be taken from their forthcoming Forever Outsider EP which will be released this summer, with more details to follow in due course.

Musically, we have always been in between genres,” says songwriter and singer Darius about the band’s goal with the new single. “Too indie for pop, too pop for indie; too punk for pop and too pop for punk. For a very long time, we tried to take up space as a band between those scenes, where all fans feel comfortable. In the last two years, we realised: right now is our chance to turn that into reality. To create a beautiful space that we can design together with the people who listen to our music and come to our concerts. ‘Forever Outsider’ is the song with which we want to achieve that.”

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