Olivia Soli – You Made Me Hate Me

Olivia Soli slayed it on the American Idol auditions.  This is where I was first introduced to the fiery red head as she graced the American Idol audition stage and sung Lionel Richie’s “Hello in front of Lionel Richie.  Her tone was rich and full and immediately you could tell that Lionel was really liking what he was hearing.   Her voice cut through the room and elated the judges.  Lionel got out of his chair and “rushed the artist” as he came out to give Olivia a big hug.  Tons of compliments came her way and they were all well deserving.  She made this song her own and blew me away while I was watching. 

I had to find out if there was more Olivia Soli music out in the world, and I was happy to find out that she had two songs out on Spotify.  The latest song “You Made Me Hate Me” was just released on March 17th 2023.  This song is raw and emotional.  It’s just Olivia and her piano and it delivers.  I love the emotional arpeggio runs that make for a haunting soulful sound as the piano accompanies lyrics that pierce through the soul.  The song starts out powerful as the first lyrics are “Guess my bleeding heart took my innocence”.  Pain.  You can feel it.  Her use and lyrical pattern in the chorus of “ME” at the end of the lines are a great hook.  “You made me hate ME”, “You never gave ME”, “I have to face ME”, etc.  Love how this came together as a lyrical pattern. 

Olivia brings this song all together as she gives a big emotional ending to the song after the bridge,  “You make me hate me” large, loud and emotional.  Feels.  A great way to end this song that makes you want to come back for more.

I highly suggest this song and can’t wait for the next to come out.  Her next single is set to drop on March 31st 2023. Get ready for “Tulum“! Her journey on American Idol will be an exciting one to watch.

About the artist

Los Angeles native on Season 21 of American Idol.

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