Iam Tongi – Dreams

Iam Tongi is one of this year’s fan favorites on Season 21 of American Idol.  He was first introduced to America on the auditions of American Idol where we were all given a heart wrenching story of Iam moving to Seattle with his family as he was “Priced out of Paradise”.  As the story went on, we learned that he lost his father only two months earlier.  His father, Rodney, is his inspiration for his passion for music, and you can tell by the raw emotions, that his dad meant the world to him.  As we watch more and more of Iam’s journey, we realize that this kid is the real deal.  He wears his heart on his sleeve and as soon as he opens his mouth to sing, you can feel the emotion and are immediately drawn in.  I for one can attest that I have spent many hours going down the YouTube, Iam Tongi, rabbit hole, as I start enjoying videos with Iam and his father, reaction videos and anything else I can get my eyes and ears on.  Absolute gold out there.  So with that said, I had to see what else was out there.  What has he put out on Spotify?  I was pleasantly surprised that there is a nice library of songs already there for us to listen to.  So sit back, press play, and enjoy this golden voice.

In 2020, Iam released a song called “Dreams”, which he wrote specifically for his sister’s wedding, inspired by his sister and her now husband’s love story.  This, by far, is his most popular song on Spotify currently.  However, I suspect as he gets farther in this competition, a song will get released by him that will blow up the internet.  But, for now, I will put my crystal ball away and tell you about this gem of a song called “Dreams”. 

The song starts out with a smooth slow groove.  Some nice pick work on an acoustic guitar, some light brush work on the drums, a base line that isn’t busy, just laying down the root notes.  As Iam comes in with that golden voice to melt your heart, the groove locks in with the drums bringing in the kick drum and snare.  You can hear the faint sound of a keyboard that is filling out the wall of sound in the background.  This song has an immediate swaying feeling to it as that 4/4 groove hits all the feels.  Iam lays down the verses so you immediately know this is a love song.  “I remember the way, you shined beneath the stars.  Never thought that we would ever get this far”.  Iam takes you on a journey through the verses as he leads you into the chorus.  The background singers come in and you instantly feel warmer than you did a second ago.  “Cause I love you, and you love me, baby let’s make a reality.  To be right here by your side, forever.  So let us be”.  As these lyrics hit my ears, I can imagine a wedding taking place.  The smile of the bride as she is walking down the isle on her big day.  The groom looking proudly at her as she is glowing with beauty.  This song evokes instant imagery. 

The song drops back into another verse and then another chorus.  The tone and groove stays consistent throughout the entire song.  The song ends as Iam says one last poinent phrase, “I’ll see you in my dreams”.  What a beautiful song.  Well performed, well written, well produced.  This song is a must add to any chill collection you have. 

Iam Tongi has a bright future ahead of him.  His very real personality, raw emotion and big talent is putting him in front of the world.  I’m excited to see where this journey goes for him.  I’ll be along the way as a fan and always rooting for him. 

About the Artist

Iam Tongi, also know as William Guy Tongi, is a rising music star who gained popularity through his participation in the 21st season of American Idol.  He was born on September 1st, 2004, in Kahuku, Hawaii.  He moved to Federal Way Washington in 2020 and is reported to attend Decatur High School.

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