ISHAN – Hello

Australian 19 year old artist, Ishan, launches his newest single and it’s music to my ears.  The single “Hello” was released at the beginning of May 2023.  This follows his most popular release of “Apologies” released earlier in the year.

This pop song starts out with an upbeat pounding bass drum complementing the strumming pattern of an acoustic guitar and a light pick of the electric guitar.  Ishan’s lyrics come out the gate with “Woken up beside you, In all my dreams”.   You can feel the angst of this young love, with his relatable lyrics as he’s pining over a girl that he dreams about talking to but never has made his move.

The chorus puts the song together as the music fills out with a great low humming bass line.  Ishan asks that tough question in the chorus, “Is this a bad time? I’ve been thinking about you for a long time, didn’t know, when was the right time to come say hello”.  Love this chorus and it’s followed up by a catchy repeated “So hello”.

After the second chorus a bridge gives a nice transition as Ishan brings back a very stripped-down version of the chorus.  He runs one time through this and then brings out the big chorus.  He ends with the catchy “So hello” a couple times to cap off a great tune.

This is a great catchy release, and I’m happy it was referred to me.  Can’t wait to see more upcoming songs from Ishan.

About the Artist

ISHAN is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter hailing from Melbourne. Of Indian, Swiss and Catalan heritage, he was born in France and moved to Australia when still very young.

ISHAN credits a part of his musicality and storytelling to having grown up surrounded by many different cultures and languages, with his musical influences being as wide as his multi-cultural heritage.

His acoustic pop-folk style is characterized by a combination of beautiful and evocative lyrics and rhythmic melodies which draw you into intricate narratives, often sparked by his real world experiences.

ISHAN’s music reflects the increasingly complex world faced by his generation. He writes songs about body image, terminal illness, self harm and even deep space, in addition to addressing the concerns and challenges faced by today’s youth: relationships, fears, and life aspirations.

His music often touches on his own vulnerabilities such as the anxiety he faced as he started to make progress in the music industry, or questioning whether teenage love can last. 

ISHAN first picked up a guitar at the age of seven, but only discovered a love for songwriting at 15 during rehabilitation for his spinal fusion surgery.

He has since written more than 100 original songs. ISHAN would best describe his creative process as intensive experimentation. The way his songs are conceived, rejected and resurrected is in constant flux.

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