Colin Stough – Bad Day

American Idol Season 21 star, Colin Stough, dropped his single “Bad Day” in early April 2023 and it doesn’t disappoint.  He comes out swinging with that classic Country Rock sound that Colin does so well.  We first got to meet Colin during the auditions of American Idol in February.  I remember hearing him sing “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, strumming on an acoustic guitar and crushing that song.  You knew he had a long road ahead of him in the competition, just by the auditions.  Colin has that personality that really comes through the TV.  People gravitate to that, and it shows with all the votes he gets.  Now to this perfectly timed single as Colin runs through American Idol.

Bad Day” starts out big with all the instruments coming in at the same time, hitting the rhythm to the chorus that is yet to come.  Colin brings in the verses after two times through the intro.  The song lyrics come right out and explain exactly what the song is about, as Colin explains multiple different ways why he’s having a bad day.  “Old lady’s been cheating, have you heard?”  Catchy verses with just some light chords on the electric and some simple drums.  The verse has a nice build up to the chorus as the entire band comes in with the big lyrics “Cause I’ve been having a bad day, Yes I have”.  Very catchy chorus here.  I found myself singing “Cause I’ve been having a bad day” hours after first hearing it.

The song goes on with another verse then chorus.  Colin breaks down a nice bridge as he builds up one final chorus.  The bridge has a quick rock instrumental break, then a stripped down quite break with just Colin and an acoustic.  “Opened the fridge and there’s a case of clear.  Fixing to set my mind real clear”.  I would like to point out how much I love those lyrics.  This bridge sets up a bigger version of the chorus as the song ends. 

There’s no denying Colin’s smoky country voice, and that voice does not disappoint here in his first single.  This song is worth checking out, and Colin as an artist is definitely worth keeping tabs on to see where he goes.  He has a bright future, and it will be awesome to see where he ends up.

About the Artist

Colin Stough is a singer, musician, guitarist, and famous personality from America.  The 18-year-old Mississippi musician, dubbed “The Brad Pitt of Country,” has won the hearts of supporters throughout the country.  He rose to fame after he went to audition for American Idol Season 21 and got his golden ticket to compete in the competition.

He was selected on February 19th, 2023 when his audition episode aired on ABC.  Colin is following his passion for singing since he was 5 and is now making big in his music career.  With his audition, Stough hoped to put his hometown on the map. On top of pursuing his own dreams, Stough would like to be an inspiration to other aspiring musicians in Gattman.

It’s hard to find people that will give you the shirt off their back, and I know right here in this Gattman circle, any of ’em will do it for anybody,” Stough said. “This competition man, it could change my life. The main thing, the reason why I want to be in it is because ain’t really nothing coming from around here, and I want to change that.”

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