We Ani – Disgusted

This New York girl with a big voice made big waves this year during her competition on American Idol season 21.  We were first introduced to her, this year, in February during the auditions.  I remember her audition, not only because she had golden pipes, but her speaking voice and singing voice are vastly different.  To the point my jaw dropped open when she started singing.  I was instantly mesmerized and couldn’t wait to hear what else she had in store.  She competed week after week with big numbers and a really big voice.  She was a lot of fun to watch, so I had to investigate and see what original music she had out there.  I was pleasantly surprised that she had a pretty descent catalog out there.  A lot of singles and a few EP’s.  Enough music to wet the appetite. 

We Ani released “Disgusted” in late March of 2023, and it doesn’t disappoint.  This pop song leads you in with a little ambient noise and then brings that slow thumping bass, as We Ani starts with a talking verse, close to a rap style, laying down her thoughts about this relationship she is just ended.  “I can’t believe I let you in and told you all my deepest secrets”.  She moves through some emotional and personal ideas, as you can feel the pain of the words as she says them.  There are only a few lines of verses, then that big voice that you were waiting for comes in as she breaks into the chorus.  “Oh, I almost settled for you.  Oh, thank God you do what you do.  Oh, and now your colors are true.  Took me a while but I grew, I am so disgusted with you.”  Powerful lyrics and sums up the message of the song.

The song moves back to a quick verse, then back to that big chorus.  I love the way she uses “Oh” in the chorus.  It’s almost pronounced like “Owwww”.  Really catchy.  She uses the bridge to repeat “I’m so digusted, so disgusted with (You, you, you)” a few times, then a stripped down version of the chorus as the song ends. 

This is such a catchy and wonderful single.  The only thing I would say negatively is I wish it was longer.  I wanted more.  But, maybe that’s the key, always leave them wanting more.  This is a great single, and I hope it’s a precursor to an upcoming album.

About the Artist

We Ani McDonald is a singer-songwriter and actor from Harlem, New York.  She is widely known for competing in American Idol season 21 and The Voice season 11.  We Ani finished in third place in The Voice season 11 in 2016.  She released an album, “Feeling Good” that charted in the top 100 of iTunes Pop Chart upon its release.  Moreover, Ani authored a book, “The Little Girl with a Big Voice,” to promote an anti-bullying campaign.

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