Colin Stough – I Still Talk To Jesus

American Idol Season 21 star and finalist, Colin Stough, dropped his single “I Still Talk To Jesus” on May 19th 2023.  All of the American Idol finalists dropped their single on this day, as it’s only 2 days before the final episode.  American Idol is genius on how to produce stars, but truth be told, the person already has to have the stardom inside them.  Colin is no exception here.  I didn’t know what to expect with this single, as I’m guessing he had input on the song, but overall it was more than likely a collaboration with him, producers and writers and written for him.  So how will the producers hear his sound and write something that would touch the audience?  Well to answer that question, all you have to do is listen to this song.  It’s amazing. The song stays true to the style we have come to expect from this upcoming star. A solid song, with a hook, acoustic guitar, great emotions and that Colin Stough voice that propelled him to the finals of American Idol Season 21.

I Still Talk To Jesus” starts out with just Colin and an acoustic guitar.  You can hear the hurt through that smoky slow voice, as he his first lyrics are “I still talk to Jesus, even though he doesn’t listen.  I’m afraid to know that I’m alone”.  He goes on to talk about a breakup and missing that girl.  The verses stay with just the acoustic and Colin singing. 

As the chorus comes in the first time, there are a few swells from the cymbals, but it’s still just an intimate acoustic guitar and Colin’s voice.  The chorus starts out “I know I’m better off without you”.  Powerful words, and the way it’s sung is so nice.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard Colin go into his head voice, but you get a big fill of it right here.  As he hits the “without you”, he goes straight into head voice, and it’s awesome.  The chorus rides out with just the acoustic guitar and Colin.  As the second verse comes in, you feel the slow thumping of a bass drum.  Slow strings can be heard in the background as Colin goes over his internal struggle of longing for this girl but knowing he’s better off without her.

The song ends with a bridge then a stripped-down chorus that leads into a big finish.  The last lines go back to an intimate Colin and his guitar.  Perfectly book ended with the beginning of the song.

As of the time of me writing this, Colin’s song “I Still Talk To Jesus” is ranked #5 on the Country Charts.  That’s impressive for being released in less than a day.  I have no doubts this will hit #1 in the next day or so.  If you haven’t checked this song out, stop what you are doing right now, and start spinning that song!

About the Artist

Colin Stough is a singer, musician, guitarist, and famous personality from America.  The 18-year-old Mississippi musician, dubbed “The Brad Pitt of Country,” has won the hearts of supporters throughout the country.  He rose to fame after he went to audition for American Idol Season 21 and got his golden ticket to compete in the competition.

He was selected on February 19th, 2023 when his audition episode aired on ABC.  Colin is following his passion for singing since he was 5 and is now making big in his music career.  With his audition, Stough hoped to put his hometown on the map. On top of pursuing his own dreams, Stough would like to be an inspiration to other aspiring musicians in Gattman.

It’s hard to find people that will give you the shirt off their back, and I know right here in this Gattman circle, any of ’em will do it for anybody,” Stough said. “This competition man, it could change my life. The main thing, the reason why I want to be in it is because ain’t really nothing coming from around here, and I want to change that.”

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