Lizzy Hilliard’s “The Woman I’ll Become”: A Folk-Pop Journey of Passion and Growth

Lizzy Hilliard, a name that may not ring a bell yet, but mark my words, folks, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Currently a graduate with a BA at Brandeis University, Hilliard has already made significant strides in the music industry. With a burning passion for creation and an eclectic mix of inspirations, Lizzy has crafted a unique sound that effortlessly blends folk, indie, and singer-songwriter elements. Her latest offering, “The Woman I’ll Become,” (By both Lizzy Hilliard and Sofia Campoamor) showcases her unwavering talent and a maturity well beyond her years.

Let’s dive into the history of this young prodigy. From a tender age of four, Lizzy began tickling the ivories, honing her skills on the piano. By twelve, she found herself playing keyboards alongside her musically gifted siblings, Nick Hilliard on cello and jazz piano, and Jonathan Hilliard on bass and mixing. Together, they formed a musical synergy that elevated Lizzy’s compositions to new heights. With influences ranging from folk to pop, her songwriting journey truly took flight after a lyrical dance class in elementary school, which provided her with a fresh perspective on the genre.

By eleven, Lizzy had already penned a few songs, but it was her venture into founding, directing, and arranging for an a cappella group in junior high school that solidified her understanding of vocal harmony. Throughout high school, she immersed herself in various musical endeavors, from choir and band to musical theater and dance. These experiences infused her with a rich tapestry of melodies, lyrics, and rhythms from multiple genres, culminating in a unique musical identity.

“The Woman I’ll Become” reflects Lizzy’s growth as an artist. With over a hundred songs under her belt, self-released EPs and full-length albums, and compositions for theatrical projects, she’s proven herself as a prolific songwriter. Her music possesses a certain sweetness in its harmonies, capturing the listener’s attention and soothing their soul. It’s through her art that Lizzy delves into the realms of emotion, philosophy, and storytelling, all wrapped in her folk/indie/singer-songwriter twist.

The Woman I’ll Become” serves as a testament to Lizzy Hilliard’s immense talent and potential. Her growth as an artist is apparent, and with each release, she solidifies her place in the music industry. So, keep an eye out for Lizzy’s music, because sooner rather than later, her name will be on everyone’s lips. With heartfelt lyrics, captivating melodies, and a maturity well beyond her years, Lizzy Hilliard is on the path to becoming a folk-pop sensation.

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