PJAE’s “be that someone”: A Soulful Groove with Gospel Reverberations

PJAE, an R&B/Soul artist hailing from Oklahoma City, has been making waves with his debut single, “be that someone.” With a rich musical background rooted in gospel and a voice that oozes soulful allure, PJAE captivates listeners with his attention to detail and undeniable vocal ability. This promising artist, who recently graced the 21st season of American Idol, demonstrates his potential for greatness with this heartfelt and groove-infused track.

be that someone” opens with a stripped-down intro, allowing PJAE’s velvety vocals to take center stage alongside a light electric guitar. The simplicity of the arrangement accentuates the raw emotions that flow through the song, drawing listeners in from the very first note. As the track progresses, the introduction of a gospel/jazz organ adds a touch of nostalgia and depth, seamlessly blending the old-school with the contemporary.

Lyrically, PJAE delves into the complexities of relationships, vulnerability, and the search for genuine connection. In the opening lines, he poses thought-provoking questions, asking if someone would be willing to meet him with an open heart and hold him up during difficult times. The lyrics exude a sense of yearning, seeking solace in the idea of finding that special someone who will stick around even when things get tough.

The chorus of “be that someone” resonates with its simplicity and honesty. PJAE confesses, “I don’t need a better half, I don’t want a perfect match, all I want is you to be that someone.” This poignant plea cuts through the noise and highlights the importance of authenticity and emotional support in a relationship. The lyrics encapsulate the desire to find someone who will embrace both the flaws and scars, accepting and loving the other person at their worst.

PJAE’s vocal prowess shines throughout the track, effortlessly navigating the melodic twists and turns. His delivery is soulful and evocative, showcasing the influence of his gospel upbringing. In moments where the song reaches its emotional climax, PJAE’s voice soars with an unwavering intensity, conveying the vulnerability and longing encapsulated in the lyrics.

The production of “be that someone” is executed with finesse, with Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Femke lending her expertise to the project. The instrumentation strikes a delicate balance between contemporary pop sensibilities and a rich, organic sound. The groove of the song is infectious, creating an irresistible urge to sway along with its rhythm.

In its entirety, “be that someone” showcases PJAE’s distinctive musical vision and ability to seamlessly blend genres. His soulful approach, influenced by gospel, jazz tonality, and modern pop, sets him apart from his contemporaries. Comparisons to artists such as Sam Smith, James Vickery, and JP Saxe are warranted, as PJAE displays a similar knack for capturing emotions through his stirring vocal performances.

With “be that someone,” PJAE has laid a strong foundation for his promising musical career. The song’s heartfelt lyrics, groove-infused melodies, and PJAE’s impeccable vocal delivery make it a standout track. As an artist who draws from his gospel roots while embracing contemporary sounds, PJAE is poised to leave a lasting impact on the R&B/Soul landscape.

PJAE’s debut single is a testament to his talent, passion, and dedication. As we eagerly await his future releases, it is evident that PJAE’s authenticity and musicality will continue to shine, solidifying his place among the brightest stars in the R&B/Soul realm.

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