Planets In The Ocean’s “Dust Cloud”: Riding the Sonic Waves of Seattle

In the sprawling universe of Seattle’s indie music scene, where established stars and emerging talents converge like celestial bodies, a new constellation has burst onto the firmament in just over a year – Planets In The Ocean. This triumvirate, consisting of Robb Benson (vocals/guitar), Cassady Laton (drums), and Gwon Chang (bass), represents a potent fusion of experience and innovation. Their meteoric rise defies the very notion of a ‘short timeline,’ with roots extending from acts like Dear John Letters and Stereo Embers, among others.

The journey of Planets In The Ocean, often affectionately abbreviated as PITO, has been nothing short of a cosmic whirlwind. Their star began to shine in the summer of 2022, a fresh start informed by two decades of indie rock influences. Driven by a restless spirit and a burning creative urge, the band found themselves summoned by studio engineer Chris Hill to the hallowed grounds of Robert Lang Studios. The initial intention was to craft a single track, a mere ripple in the sonic ocean. But the creative forces that be had other plans, birthing not one but two tracks – the first, “Decisions,” a tantalizing glimpse into their craft, and the second, “Dust Cloud,” the focus of our celestial journey.

With the release of their debut EP “Holiday Daydream,” Planets In The Ocean garnered enthusiasm from both experimental home recordings and the welcoming airwaves of local radio stations. A new horizon beckoned, and they returned to Robert Lang Studios, this time under the watchful eye and deft touch of Kevin Younkins. Their “Perspective” EP emerged as a testament to their boundless creativity, an ode to their enduring impact. The trajectory of this cosmic trio even catapulted them to “Local with Louise,” a syndicated radio show that resonates across five Northwest stations.

And then, as if traversing cosmic distances, PITO embarked on a grand expedition to the iconic London Bridge Studios. There, they were blessed with the collaboration of renowned sound architect Jonathan Plum. This partnership has bestowed an extra layer of sonic depth to their music, a transcendental leap that propels their sound into new stratospheres. These three new songs, still warm from the studio, promise to be remastered and released as a full-length vinyl experience. Indeed, the planets align for Planets In The Ocean.

Now, let us direct our telescope towards the sonic anomaly that is “Dust Cloud.” This track is a celestial body in itself, a testament to the band’s sonic prowess and daring spirit. It begins with an upbeat tempo, and as the driving drumbeat kicks in, it’s clear we’re in for a raw and unapologetically indie rock experience. The drums march relentlessly, an anchor amidst the celestial chaos, while a thumping bass guitar fills the mix with its palpable presence.

The true brilliance of “Dust Cloud” lies in the hands of the electric guitar, whose light crunch delivers power chords with surgical precision. Robb Benson’s vocals are the North Star guiding us through this sonic voyage. His voice fills every rock note with authenticity and fervor, and you’re compelled to join him on this musical odyssey.

Just when you think you’ve mapped out the course of “Dust Cloud,” Planets In The Ocean deftly navigates through uncharted waters at the 1:20 mark. The tempo halves, giving us a slow cut time feel that cascades like waves. Harmonizing voices emerge at the bookends of phrases, drawing the listener further into the cosmic whirlpool of sound. The song maintains its cut time feel through to the end, and as Robb Benson fades out with the poignant lyric “Dust Cloud,” it’s as though we’re floating away on the stardust of musical reverie.

It’s no surprise that “Dust Cloud” reigns as Planets In The Ocean’s most popular track on Spotify. Its boldness, its exploration of musical boundaries, and its sheer gravitational pull are irresistible to listeners. Much like the band’s own trajectory, this track defies expectations and delivers an experience that’s as boundless as the cosmic expanse itself.

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