Under the Puddle - Safe In Sound
New album from Under the Puddle

Under the Puddle’s “She Said”: A Sonic Journey through Timeless Romance in the Safe In Sound Landscape

Under the Puddle - Safe In Sound
New album from Under the Puddle

Under the Puddle’s latest single, “She Said,” off their album “Safe In Sound,” transports listeners into the ethereal realms crafted by this Pacific Northwest trio. Released on August 25th, 2023, the song is a testament to the band’s commitment to timeless rock energy and their ability to seamlessly merge vintage vibes with a contemporary edge.

Mitch Clausen, the mastermind behind Under the Puddle, showcases his songwriting prowess, with the Safe In Sound EP serving as a testament to the band’s evolution. From their origins in the misty Snohomish River valley to performing across the expansive landscapes from Alaska to Arizona, Under the Puddle has weathered personnel changes, all while honing their sound and stage presence. The band’s dedication is evident in their extensive performance history, having graced the stage nearly three hundred times, cementing their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene.

The title track, “She Said,” is a musical journey that begins with a quick strumming guitar, accompanied by the subtle tap of drums. Clausen’s vocals enter, narrating a story of intrigue and connection. The opening lyrics, “She said, follow me. No more words were spoken. I fell in her head, left my mind wide open,” set the tone for a song that explores the complexities of romantic entanglements and the allure of surrendering oneself to another.

The dynamics of the song are masterfully orchestrated, with a gradual build-up leading to a crescendo that fills the stereo spectrum with a captivating wall of sound. As the drums intensify and the bass fills the air, the lyrics reveal a vulnerable side of the narrator, expressing a willingness to be the “better man” for the mysterious “she” who holds an irresistible allure.

The chorus, marked by a deliberate shift in tempo, resonates with emotional weight as Clausen sings, “And she said. Don’t bet on me, like so many have before. Can you stay with me?” This poignant moment captures the fragility of relationships, emphasizing the uncertainty that often accompanies love and commitment.

The instrumental break following the lyrics “What might be right, for us tonight” serves as a turning point, propelling the song into a rhythmic groove that encapsulates the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. The quick pace maintains the song’s momentum, culminating in a powerful bridge that showcases the band’s musical skill.

As the song approaches its conclusion, an electric guitar wails, and Clausen delivers a final, soulful declaration of “She said,” fading out with a lingering resonance. This sonic departure is a fitting conclusion to a track that skillfully combines vintage and contemporary elements, leaving listeners captivated by the sonic tapestry Under the Puddle has woven.

In “She Said,” Under the Puddle has crafted a song that not only showcases their musical proficiency but also delves into the universal themes of love, uncertainty, and the quest for connection. With “Safe In Sound,” Under the Puddle invites us to savor the magic of the present moment, promising to be a guiding musical force, one song at a time.

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