Grace and the Grit - The Words
Grace and the Grit - The Words

Grace and The Grit’s ‘Gotta Feel Right’: A Soulful Ode to Authenticity and Timeless Grooves

Grace and The Grit's "Gotta Feel Right" - a soulful anthem blending modern blues and timeless grooves, celebrating life's authenticity.

Grace and The Grit‘s latest single, “Gotta Feel Right,” off their 2023 EP “Release The Words EP,” is a soulful testament to the band’s commitment to creating modern blues and soul music with a timeless feel. Our introduction to this powerhouse of a group began with lead singer Nehal Abuelata, whom we encountered in a recent review of Sweet HayaH. Mesmerized by the soulful depth of their sound, we were compelled to explore more, leading us to the vibrant world of Grace and The Grit.

The band’s formation, chronicled in their bio, reveals a journey of collaboration and passion. Nehal Abuelata, celebrated for her soulful vocals, joined forces with blues guitarist Austin Geiger. Together, they crafted original blues and soul music that laid the foundation for Grace and The Grit. The addition of harmonica virtuoso Ryan Walker, versatile drummer Matt Condino, and soulful bassist Adam Martinez completed their lineup, resulting in a distinctive Progressive-Soul sound that seamlessly blends grace and grit.

The lyrics of “Gotta Feel Right” delve into the universal human desire for authenticity and fulfillment. The opening lines capture a sentiment of restlessness, hinting at the ineffable feeling that something needs to change. The repetition of “It’s gotta feel right” becomes a mantra, an assertion of the need for genuine connection and satisfaction in life. The song unfolds with a catchy rhythm, showcasing the band’s adeptness at crafting infectious melodies.

The instrumentation of the track is a delightful blend of bluesy guitar riffs, harmonica wails, and a rhythm section that grooves with undeniable finesse. The song kicks off with a spirited blues groove, immediately setting the stage for the infectious energy that follows. The harmonica adds a classic blues touch, while the bass and drums lay down a solid foundation. The lead singer’s vocals are a highlight, conveying both power and emotion.

During the chorus, the band hits its stride, and the infectious energy becomes palpable. Nehal’s switch to her head voice on the phrase “It’s gotta FEEL right” injects an extra layer of fun and catchiness into the composition. It’s a subtle but effective vocal choice that adds to the song’s overall charisma.

The bridge unfolds as an instrumental breakdown, featuring a harmonica solo and complemented by the guitarist’s tasteful chord progressions. This interlude showcases the band’s instrumental prowess, giving each member a moment to shine before seamlessly transitioning back into the final chorus.

Grace and The Grit’s “Gotta Feel Right” exudes a sense of joy and authenticity. The band’s ability to blend soulful melodies with gritty blues elements creates a sound that feels simultaneously fresh and timeless. The track is a testament to the band’s commitment to crafting music that resonates on a deep emotional level while inviting listeners to lose themselves in the infectious rhythm. It’s a song that not only captures the essence of Grace and The Grit but also leaves a lasting impression of their dynamic and soulful artistry.

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